Our team at the Modular Group have been working extremely hard during the Coronavirus pandemic. At our factory, based in Blackburn, we have come up with an innovative way to allow relatives to visit their loved ones in care homes, despite the current Covid-19 restrictions.

With many years specialising in manufacturing glamping pods and lodges for up market campers, we decided to use our experience to help families around the UK who have loved ones stuck in care homes and designed our range of care home visitor pods


Here is what Jemma Neilson, who runs Modular along with partner Ian, said about meeting new and unusual demands due to the ongoing crisis:

“We have heard hundreds of stories where residents haven’t seen their family since March.

This is of huge concern particularly for those with dementia who do not understand the impact of the pandemic.

Many families have contacted us to say that their loved ones have deteriorated greatly in the time they have been separated which is truly heart-breaking.”


She Added:

“Throughout the pandemic we have been trying to create a building solution for the care home sector, a solution to allow care home residents to see their loved ones without compromising on Covid safety.

We have since launched a range of care home visitor pods.”


How do the care home visitor pods work?

The pods work on a similar principle to our luxury glamping pods. Visitors can enter the care home visitor pod, the pod is then taken into a care home and the visitor can meet their loved one whilst still sealed inside the pod, thus posing no risk of infection. Below are some images of the new care home visitor pods.

We have now launched a range of visitor pods and will be donating a fully built visitor cube style pod worth over £10,000 for free to a care home in Uttoxeter. We were amazed to have found that over 300,000 people responded to our nominate a care home competition, demonstrating the huge demand for this product. We would like to further reach out to care homes across the region and further afield in order to help put our buildings in place as a Covid secure solution.

If you are interested in reading more about our visitor pods, click here to see our full range as well as any additional information you may be looking for. You can also read the full article, written by a reporter for the Lancashire Telegraph.




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