More and more hotels and golf clubs are now moving towards compact, private, and more eco-friendly designs for their outdoor building needs. Modular homes offer a wide range of leisure building types and styles to accommodate guest and member needs. Our buildings are designed and constructed with keeping the highest design and manufacturing aspects in mind and check.


Hotels need to pamper their guests. They need to make people feel like that they have made the best choice by choosing this very hotel. Luxury hotels are now introducing separate accommodation pods for their guests.

These private pods are a nice change from the lined up hotel rooms and offer the guests a refreshing experience away from their homes.

Built with state of the art interior designing and dimensioning to ensure all the necessary equipment is present inside the building for a comfortable experience.


Golf Clubs are the definition of luxury and quite recently, glamping experiences are now being introduced within golf clubs. So essentially, combining your favorite hobby with a holiday. These pods are designed to offer the best comfort and to give your guests a luxurious experience and stay.

Many are taking it further than that, offering mini-lodge couples retreats, and lodges, with equally luxurious accommation.


Using SIP panels is our standard practice. We say no to pre-made boards and use only the most high-end materials to build these leisure buildings for our clients. This material has insulative characteristics to ensure it can be used throughout.


Our leisure buildings are designed with the best interior design practices in mind. Our pods are custom designed to offer the best facilities interior-wise to the guests and become a customer grabbing magnet for your hotel or golf clubs. These interiors are designed to give the guests the best home-like feeling and an experience that they will remember forever.


We offer multiple options for hotel and golf club owners as far as building designs and structures are concerned. We have single and multiple bedroom pods with attached facilities that will make your guests coming back for more.


Our leader Ian, has been in the business since he was only 16 years old. With his resolve, he bought the best panel building techniques in the country and set a standard for creating the most cutting-edge leisure buildings.

Our research and development are constantly focused on delivering the best innovation in the domain of building these leisure buildings including the best glamping pods out there. We are in the constant practice of improving our designs and including new elements to the interior. The goal is to always update the look and feel to accommodate the changing needs of the guests.

With our range of glamping pods, hotel accommodation units, mini-lodges and lodges, you will leave your guests awed and coming back for more!