Glamping can be quite a way to go to nature and spend some time relaxing. It offers the comfort of soothing surroundings with everything in your glamping pod to help you feel at home. The Modular Group’s glamping pods are designed keeping in mind the top industry standards for leisure camping, providing guests the best surroundings and facilities for a very affordable price.


All glamping pods are designed and constructed using the state of the art and innovative SIP panels which have the best build quality and insulative properties that make it the first choice for use throughout the year.


Our glamping pods are designed with the best interior design practices in mind. They are cosy and comfortable, giving you the feeling of being closer to home than you are. The attached bathrooms and mini pantries are a great addition to make sure you have all you need to get settled in nicely for your vacation or off time.


We offer multiple options for leisure park owners and glamping ground owners out there. You can go for the modern single units or the joint two bed and washroom unit for bigger families. These glamping pods are designed to steal the attention and the show! Your camping grounds will soon be the most loved and visited with these beauties.


We believe in innovation and making sure we keep up to date with all the new industry trends. We custom manufacture our SIP panels are always custom made. We do not believe in using pre-made panels. We see to it that only the best manufacturing materials and techniques go into building the foundation of these glamping pods.


Our leader Ian, has been in the business since he was only 16 years old. With his resolve, he bought the best panel building techniques in the country and set a standard for creating the most cutting-edge leisure buildings.

Our research and development are constantly focused on delivering the best innovation in the domain of building these leisure buildings including the best glamping pods out there. We are in the constant practice of improving our designs and including new elements to the interior. The goal is to always update the look and feel to accommodate the changing needs of the guests.

With these glamping pods, you will leave your guests awed and coming back for more!