With the increase in awareness, country estate owners are an option for eco-friendly and more modern designs for their estate buildings. Modular homes are all designed with precision and the most innovative industry techniques. If you own a country estate designed and built by Modular, you are already in the top league of country estate owners out there.


Our 3251 square meters facility ensures we have enough room and skilled workers available to manufacture and deliver the structure on time. Structural Insulation Panels (SIP) are the perfect choice to ensure that the buildings can be used year long and keep the habitants warm in winter and cooler in the summers. We keep construction costs in control so the project isn’t too heavy on your pocket. All the structures are created on a wheelable chassis to ensure delivery.


The SIP ensures that the building stands tall throughout the seasons. It is a very low maintenance material that is carefully designed by our expert team to extend its durability. These buildings can last for more than 50 years and still look brand new.


We have expert interior designers and architects on the team that take your design requirements and build a structure that fits your needs. Our interior designs are focused on customizing the experience for the client. Each unit has its own unique personality and looks amazing. It is designed around the ease of the client so they feel just at home. Facilities are also well accommodated within these modular structures to ensure a fully independent functioning unit.


We only use SIP panels for all construction as it is strong, has great insulative properties and is durable. We do not use any pre-made panels for our constructions.

The goal is to build you a range of  buildings, whether as accommodation, function room, additional offices, that are perfect in every sense and conforms with modern building standards.


Our founder has been in the construction business for many years now. His experience dates back to when he was just 16. Since then, we have brought innovation in the way building materials are manufactured and leisure buildings constructed. He brought the most latest and cutting technology of manufacturing panels in the country while others still use pre-made panels. We are committed to delivering the best quality buildings and on time.